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Cutlery Booking Guide

Everything you need to know to have our tableware

at your wedding or event

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An Introduction

Hey there, if you got to here, then you probably love our tableware, so let’s walk through the process of booking them in and other info I think you’ll need to know.

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Number of guests; this can be approximate for now.
What pieces you need; this will be determined by the meals you serve.

Check with your venue or caterer if you aren’t sure what you need.
Date of the wedding/event; this is needed to determine availability.
Delivery address, if required; if you require drop off, delivery fees may apply.

Let me know if you would rather pick up from our studio in Ferny Hills, Brisbane.


Step 1: Choose your hire items

If you haven’t already, check out all of the cutlery sets and decide what will work best with your theme.

If you aren’t sure, feel free to email me a copy of your mood board, Pinterest board, or any images you have collected. I can help guide you towards the best set.

A lot of factors can affect the tone of the cutlery, so it’s helpful to know:

  1. The colour of your table or tablecloth; some sets look better on darker colours than others. They all tend to suit lighter colours though.

  2. The colours in your table flowers.

  3. Any other metals you are using and if the intention is to match these or to go for a mixed metals vibe.

  4. The aesthetic or vibe you are going for overall with your styling; for example, the Golden Hope and Copper Magic sets both have very simple minimalist handles and will suit modern, minimalist or industrial styling; whereas the Vintage Rose set is very classic and would suit romantic or vintage themes better than a modern style.

Step 2: Check prices

Take a look at the Package prices to determine which items will fit within your budget.
NB Orders placed through a stylist, planner or venue are eligible for a discount. Please contact me to confirm this prior to booking.


Step 3: Book them in

Once you know which items you would like to book in, head over to the Booking Form and send me through an enquiry. I will confirm whether these items are available for your date and then send you through a formal quote. If you are happy to go ahead with the booking, I will need a 20% deposit to secure the booking and your date. Unfortunately I am unable to hold dates without this payment.

Booking Guide: Event Services
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