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If you have reached the ‘about us’ page, by now you will have seen our amazing range of Cutlery, Linen Napkins and Giant Games and you will have been astounded by our broad range of other hire items.

So now the only question left… who is the face of Gold Wedding Hire?


My name is Kelsie, and I am the proud owner of all the beautiful products you have seen across our website. I arrived on the Wedding and Corporate event space in 2008 and I have personally owned Gold Wedding Hire since 2018. With a simple ethos, ‘add the final touches to create a truly extraordinary event’, I absolutely love making someone’s special event come to life,

just as they had pictured it!

It may seem like a small element to your wedding, but I and all the couples I have worked with, feel a touch of unique cutlery or pop of colour from a linen napkin, can be a spectacular addition to your wedding table. There will be many elements vying for your attention and your budget, and many of them are essential, then there will be the elements that give you that emotional punch. They will bring about a surreal sense that in this moment you are at YOUR wedding, not just some party.

Gold Wedding Hire has a range of those elements, that when you see it as you walk into your reception, you could not imagine it any other way. It lifts the table setting and makes it glamorous and exciting. It is a talked about element. I believe strongly in simplicity and minimalism. If you have nothing else on your table, spectacular cutlery will bring instant elegance to your wedding and lift your table from ordinary to extraordinary. Sometimes, it is the little things that make the biggest different.

The business is just me, but I have a husband and two beautiful daughters that inspire me. I do it because I love the celebration of love. Sometimes in the hectic schedule of booking weddings, cleaning and polishing cutlery and delivering orders, I may forget just how much I love, love. Then in the small things, like a thank you message from a bride or event planner or a shared photograph, I am reminded of why I do this. I do this because I believe in your love and I am grateful that I can be a small part of your big day.

So, thank you for stopping by here at Gold Wedding Hire, and I hope that I get to be a part of your amazing experience.

With love,

Kelsie xx

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